Thrax Geraki

Bastardborn Bruiser


A musclebound half-orc with a number of wicked scars concentrated around his knuckles and arms. He’s not unpleasant to look upon, but does not invite trivial conversation. The only time he appears truly happy is in the frenzy of combat.


Although of noble blood, his distant connection to the Geraki line, inhuman ancestry, and unknown father made Thrax an outsider among his own family; he would constantly spend his time picking fights in taverns and drinking himself to sleep.

Things came to a head when he sought to test his skills against the Valis house guards by robbing a gold shipment. The teenage half-orc was beaten to unconsciousness, though he accidentally killed one of the guards by rupturing the man’s liver.

Unwilling to risk the wrath of Thrax’s mother, an aging but still fearsome ranger, the matriarch of the Valis house turned Thrax out, forbidding him from ever entering her family’s territory again.

Thrax set out with his cousins, Ellian Geraki and Gwalchmai Geraki, on their journey back to their home to see what can be done to restore their family’s fortunes.

Thrax Geraki

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